Share a collection

Sharing a Collection on Discord with Boiler

With /collection command, sharing your favorite NFT collections on Discord is a breeze. From showcasing the collection's visuals to providing context through descriptions, Boiler ensures a comprehensive and engaging experience for sharing and discussing collections with your Discord community. Start sharing your NFT collections and fostering meaningful conversations today.

Step 1: Access the Text Channel

Navigate to the text channel where you want to share the collection details with others.

Step 2: Use the /collection Command

Type the command "/collection" in the text channel to initiate the collection sharing process.

Step 3: Select Your Collection

If you have connected your wallet account to Boiler, an autocomplete feature will be available to suggest the collections you currently own. Simply start typing the name of the desired collection, and Boiler will provide suggestions based on your holdings.

Step 4: Share Collection Details

Choose the collection you wish to share, and Boiler will provide a detailed overview of the collection. This includes information such as the collection's logo, banner, description, and other relevant content available on OpenSea or the designated marketplace.

Step 5: Engage and Discuss

Once the collection details are shared, users in the Discord channel can view and engage with the information by discussing the collection, exploring the associated NFTs, or sharing their thoughts. Encourage conversations, collaborations, and connections among NFT enthusiasts within your community.

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