How to create a Raffle

Create your raffle once the access list is created

Before creating your raffle, you need to create an access list with specific requirements for your collection. As a reminder, here's how you create and open your access list:

To create your access list use the command: /accesslist create

Step 1: Add The Details Of Your Access List

Once you've created it, you have different options to help you set it up: -> Add new requirements -> Edit access list information -> Customize your access list -> Send a registration form panel -> Delete your access list -> Open registration

Edit Access List Information

You can restrict your access list a the maximum size allowed that you've decided on, auto close with an end date, and show (or not) the number of participants in your action button

For a raffle, you need to add a value to the Set raffle spot(s). When your access list closes, Boiler will randomly pick users registered and added them to the Raffe List.

Click on Set raffle spot(s) and put the number you want in the pop up
Click on Set max size and put the number you want in the pop up
Click on Set end date and put the date you want in the pop up
It's an on/off button, the default value is to show the number on the button.

Deleting Your Access List

This action is final. When you delete your access list you lose all the information it contained.

In the Settings panel you choose Delete to delete your access list

Open Registration

Before your community can join, you need to make sure you've set your access list to "open":

Click on Open registration to open registration to your community

Step #2

From there, new features are available, you can now: -> Join the access list (for you and your users) -> Export your whitelist (in .csv file) -> Close registration -> Add a role to raffle-listed users

Closing The Registration

If you close your access list, your campaign will end and new registrations will be denied by Boiler.

Click on Close registration to close registration for your access list

Add A Role To Raffle-Listed Users

You can create and/or choose a role to add to all users chosen by the raffle.

Go to Whitelisted role, select the role to added and click on Add

Nice work! The registration for your access list has ended and you now have all your whitelisted users. You can now export the csv or continue with Boiler and create your Mint on discord!

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