Getting started

Embark on your NFT journey with Boiler and unlock a world of possibilities within the Discord ecosystem. Connect your wallet, join access lists and raffles, claim POAPs, share your favorite collections, and seamlessly share your NFTs—all while immersing yourself in a vibrant and engaging community. Let Boiler be your gateway to an unparalleled NFT experience on Discord.

You can try Boiler directly on your server here

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet (Guide)

Begin your NFT journey on Discord by seamlessly connecting your wallet. Whether you're using an EVM-compatible blockchain or Bitcoin for Ordinals, Boiler supports a range of wallets, allowing you to securely access your NFT assets.

Step 2: Explore Access Lists and Raffles (Guide)

Dive into the exciting world of access lists and raffles within the Boiler community. Join exclusive access lists to gain early entry into coveted NFT drops, participate in thrilling raffles for a chance to win unique collectibles, and unlock incredible opportunities within the NFT space.

Step 3: Harness the Power of NFT Roles (Guide)

Unlock the true potential of your Discord experience with NFT roles. As a Boiler user, your NFT holdings can grant you special roles within Discord servers, showcasing your ownership and enhancing your presence in the community. Stand out and be recognized for your valuable NFT collection.

Step 4: Claim POAPs on Discord (Guide)

Participate in virtual events and claim Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) badges directly on Discord with Boiler. Show off your involvement in various community activities and collect these unique digital badges as a testament to your participation and dedication.

Step 5: Share and Showcase Your Favorite NFTs (Guide)

Express your passion for NFTs by sharing and showcasing your favorite collections directly within the Boiler community. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, spark conversations, and foster connections by proudly displaying the unique digital art and assets you own.

Step 6: Interact with Lens Protocol

Elevate your engagement with the NFT ecosystem by seamlessly interacting with Lens Protocol directly on Discord. With Boiler, you can react to Lens content, such as mirroring, liking, following, and more, all within the comfort of your Discord server. Stay connected to your favorite NFT creators, discover new content, and show your appreciation with a simple click.

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