How to create a POAP claiming

Reward your community by setting up a POAP claim

With Boiler, you can easily create a POAP event with specific requirements you've set. Let’s show you how to create and open your claim:

Step 1:

Once your claim is created, you'll have different options available for you to go through: -> Request codes -> Export requested codes -> Add new requirements -> Edit claim information -> Customize your claim -> Send a claim form panel -> Delete your claim -> Open claim

Request Codes

The codes will be used by Boiler to allow a user to claim a POAP. Without these codes, users won't be able claim their POAP. When you request the codes, Boiler automatically sends a request to POAP. While this request can take some time to be accepted, once it's done you'll receive a confirmation mail and you're good to go.

Export Requested Codes

Once accepted, you can then export your generated keys using either the POAP website or the generated key option with Boiler.

Edit Claim Information

With Boiler, you can to set a limit on your claim to the maximum number of participants permitted and to automatically close it when its over.

Choosing Who Claims The POAP

By default, Boiler allows all members to claim their POAP. However, you can choose an alternate way for your specific claim.

Deleting Your Claim

As with other features, deleting your claim is final. Once deleted, you'll lose all the information it contained.

Opening The Claim

Before your community can go ahead and claim the POAP, you need to make sure you've opened the claim:

Step 2:

Once you've created you claim, set it up and opened it to your community, new features will be available. You can now: -> Claim a POAP -> Export your claimer (in .csv file) -> Close Claim

Export Your Claimer (In .csv file)

Close Claim

If you close the claim, your campaign will end, and new claiming requests will be denied by Boiler.

Awesome, the registration for your access list has ended and you now have all your whitelisted users. Now you can export the csv or continue with Boiler and create your Mint on discord!

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