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Retrieving Discord Roles with Boiler Based on Conditions

By clicking on the "Check My Rewards" button provided by the server, Boiler verifies your eligibility and grants you relevant Discord roles based on the specified conditions. Engage with the server's requirements and unlock various roles that reflect your participation and engagement within the community. Enjoy the benefits and recognition that come with these roles on Discord with Boiler.

Step 1: Receive the "Check My Rewards"

Button In a Discord server, keep an eye out for a message that includes a button labeled "Check My Rewards." The server may use a different text, but the functionality remains the same.

Step 2: Click on the Button

Click on the "Check My Rewards" button to initiate the role verification process.

Step 3: Await Verification Results

Boiler will perform the necessary checks based on predefined conditions set by the server. Wait for the verification process to complete.

Step 4: Review Obtained Roles

Once the verification is complete, Boiler will send a message in the same channel with the results of the obtained roles. Take a look at the roles you have successfully earned based on the conditions met.

Step 5: Explore Additional Available Roles

Boiler will also provide information on other available roles that can be obtained by meeting additional requirements. Read the message to learn more about these roles and how to obtain them.

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