Smart Contracts

Currently, we're supporting Ethereum, Polygon and Goerli.

🚨 Please note we require your NFT smart contract to implement a basic ERC721 mint function! This is so our minter contract will be able to mint on your NFT contract through the IERC721Mintable interface.

As a reference, we advise to use a smart contract that implements the ERC721 interface with a mint role management system (for example following Openzeppelin AccessControl).

Each access List is linked to a minter contract restricted by a merkle tree.

That minter contract is a proxy to a shared implementation (saving gas), deployed by a contract factory that initialize a minter with the needed information provided by our back-end (root of the merle tree, owner…)

The minter will enable each address from the access list to mint their NFT.

It will also enable the owner of the deployed minter contract to withdraw their earnings when the campaign is done.

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