How to create an Access List

Learn all about creating access lists

With Boiler you can create an access list with the specific requirements you've set up that is aligned with your collection. We'll show you step-by-step how to create and launch your access list. Follow a few steps to get started:

Step 1: Set Up Your Access List

Once you've created it, you have different options to help you set it up:

-> Add new requirements -> Edit access list information -> Customize your access list -> Send a registration form panel -> Delete your access list -> Open registration

Edit Access List Information

Once set up, you can now edit the specific details such as: - Setting the maximum number of participants - Automatically close the list on the chosen end date - Allow or restrict showing the number of participants in your action button

Delete Your Access List

You can choose to delete your access list if it's no longer needed. however, this action is final. Deleting your access list causes you to lose all the information it contained.

Open Registration

Before launching the communication about your access list, you need to click on "open registration" or else your community will not be able to join.

Step #2

Once you've opened registration, new features will be available to you: -> Join the access list (for you and your users) -> Export your whitelist (in .csv file) -> Close registration -> Add a role to whitelisted users

Close Registration

If you close the registration on your access list, your current campaign will end and any users trying to join will be denied by Boiler.

Add a Role to Whitelisted Users

You can create and/or choose a role to give to all users in the whitelist.

Once you've gathered all information, and have your whitelisted users, you can end the registration. From there, you can either export the .csv file or continue with Boiler and create your Mint on Discord!

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