Partner verification program

What is the Boiler Verification Program?

The Boiler Verification program is a way to confirm the legitimacy of a server on Boiler to reassure end-users and offer an additional way to authenticate creators and brands.

Why have a Boiler Verification Program?

  • It allows users to be sure that they are on the right server for the specific collection or DAO.
  • It helps prevent scams and other fraudulent activities on Discord.
  • It enables creators to showcase their credibility and legitimacy.

How does it work?

  • Once verified, an authenticity badge appears above the "role verification panel".
  • Only servers that have successfully completed our verification process receive this badge.
  • Users cannot add the badge themselves - only we can do so.
  • The badge cannot be customized or altered.

Want to learn more about our verification process?

Contact us on Discord.
Last modified 7mo ago