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Accessing User Profiles with Boiler on Discord

By utilizing Boiler's quick access via right-click and the "User Details" app or the /profile command, you can easily access user profiles on Discord. Gain insights into users' NFT holdings and Lens publications to deepen your understanding of their contributions to the NFT ecosystem. Start exploring user profiles with Boiler and unlock a new level of engagement within your Discord community.

Option 1: Quick Access via Right-Click and App

Step 1: Identify the User

In your Discord server, locate the user whose profile you want to access.

Step 2: Right-Click on the User

Right-click on the user's name to open a context menu.

Step 3: Select "App" and "User Details"

In the context menu, hover over "App" and select "User Details." This action will bring up the user's profile details.

Step 4: Explore User's NFTs and Lens Publications

Within the user details, you will find a comprehensive overview of the user's NFT holdings and publications on Lens. Take a closer look at the NFTs they own and the content they have shared on the platform.

Option 2: Command Access via /profile

Step 1: Open the Text Channel

Navigate to the text channel where you want to use the /profile command.

Step 2: Use the /profile Command

Type the command "/profile user:@Username" in the text channel, replacing "@Username" with the actual Discord username of the user whose profile you want to access.

Step 3: View the User's Profile

Boiler will provide a detailed profile of the user, including their NFT holdings and Lens publications. Take a moment to explore their collection and Lens activity.

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