Access Lists And Raffles

Create access lists to help you run your your raffles.
The access list feature allows users to create a campaign to collect user data from your communities, such as wallet addresses, Discord IDs, or Twitter handles.
Boiler allows creators to set a limit for entries to the access list and select a portion of users for the raffle. The entries can then be filtered via different Web2 and Web3 "requirement" inputs.
For example, only users owning certain NFTs or following certain Twitter accounts will be eligible to join an access lists, and participate in the raffle.
Creators can also fully customize their "panel" based on the project's identity and brand, which users will use to join the access list. This helps creators communicate to the community while keep coherency about what the creator and project are about.
The data gathered through the campaign can then be exported for third-party use.
We have a few tutorials below to help you with access lists creation and raffles.
This feature provides a valuable tool for creators looking to gather data for their projects. By allowing creators to customize their access list and filter entries based on requirements, they can ensure that the data they collect is relevant and useful. Additionally, the ability to export data allows for further analysis and integration with third-party services.
Overall, the access list feature is an important addition for creators looking to maximize the value of their projects.


Last modified 10mo ago