Claim (POAP)

Learn about Boiler's claim feature

For now, the claim feature only supports POAP, offering a variety of options for creators to manage access to their event. Creators can create a POAP event directly on Discord or link an event created on their website. They can also limit entry to the access list and filter it through "requirements," allowing only those who hold certain NFTs or follow specific Twitter accounts to join, for example.

In order to restrict the claim, creators have the option to either add a password they've created or request Boiler to generate a unique, one-time-only password. Once done, they can then fully customize their "panel" to fit the project's identity, which users will use to join the access list. And once the event is done, creators can go on and export the data gathered for third-party use.

In one click, users can retrieve their POAP directly from Discord. This feature is useful for creators and community managers looking to control access to their event and provide a unique and personalized experience for attendees.

The feature's flexibility allows creators to design their access list and event requirements to meet their specific needs, such as requiring specific NFTs or to follow certain social media accounts. The ability to export data also provides valuable insights for post-event analysis.

Overall, the claim creation feature offers a comprehensive solution for managing event access and providing a seamless POAP retrieval process.


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