Learn how to add requirements related to Twitter accounts.

With Boiler, you can tailor your requirements based on different Twitter features:

Linked Account

You can create an access based on Twitter accounts that have been linked to Boiler.

Followed Account(s)

You can target users who follow specific accounts on Twitter.

Must-Have Follower(s)

Here, you can specify your requirements to make eligible users who are followed by certain Twitter accounts.

Like And Retweet

If there's a tweet you would like to promote, you can add as a requirement that users must like and retweet a post (for example, a Tweet promoting your event or NFT collection) before being eligible in the access list.


Set the requirement to users who liked a specific tweet.


Set the requirements to users who retweeted a specific post.

Minimum Follower(s), Minimum Following and Minimum Number Of Tweets

You can also set the requirements to target those who are active on Twitter by setting requirements such as: --> Having a minimum amount of followers on their account --> Following a minimum amount of accounts following them --> Having posted or retweeted a minimum amount of tweets

Creating requirements based on these factors can help increase engagement and encourage participation, filter out spam or bot accounts, and target active users who can help bring visibility to you, your brand and your project.

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